Autumn 2015 - Ready for Skiing

Its getting cold, great summer behind me and anticipation for the ski season ahead
Its December already, 2015 has flown by ! I started a new role in IBM in 1Q15 as a Client Executive for Honda, Sony & Siemens. Its a great role which I have done for 9 years previously - do what you do best & enjoy !

Its been a learning curve which I think I have climbed ok. Great times in Italy with Jacqui + the TVR ... speaking of the TVR its had some major heart surgery (MBE, Taraka) and some cosmetic surgery (7" lights, new dash, respray) and is fantastic. Looks great and drives really well.

Cycling in 2015 was still in recovery mode from the leg breaks and combined with a busy job meant it was a solid rather than epic season.

Smokie has just left after 10 years of very loyal service. He was a great car, never let me down and carried the family in safety, at speed, across Spain and France on numerous occasions. He did rack-up a few speeding tickets but go to love a trier !

The new A6 Quattro Avant 245bhp is a monster. VERY smooth, fast and quiet but can he handle the snow like Smoke's ?