These are the photographs taken by Simon Davey.

I have had a passing interest for photography for years but with little thought for composition, light, movement or angles. I'm just starting .............
..... and its now March 2012 and I'm still thinking this is good fun !
..... and it's now June 2012, we have been living in Madrid for 2 months, it’s great.
..... and it's now the end of July and the heat is building. Off to the Olympics
..... and it's now September, back in Madridafter a great summer in London & Les Gets
..... and it's now November, 1st snow on the mountains makes me think again about skiing
..... and now its January 2013 and the ski season is in full flow
..... and now its April 2013, Brilliant TVR trip to Guadix & 1st ride on the 'dale
..... and now its May 2013, great Surfing holiday in Lanzarote & weather in Madrid warming nicely
..... and now its Sept 2013 and I have a broken leg !
..... and now its November 2013 and there is snow on the mountains = excited !
..... and now its February 2014 and I've broken my leg a 2nd time !
..... and now its November 2014 back in the UK & working hard to get 100% for for skiing
..... and now its December 2015 how time flies - fresh snow is on the way
..... and now its January 2016 - New Year, New Challenge, Lots to love about life !
..... and now its September 2016 - which has been a great year with lots of fun
..... and now its October 2017 - its been a quiet year for the camera, full on for life !
..... and now its January 2018 - Great cycling in '17, Great skiing '18, Happy Days !
..... and now its August 2018 - Fantastic summer trips to Lisbon, TDF #makingthemostofmydays
..... and now its April 2019 - Skis away and the bikes are back out. The cycle of life continues
..... and now its October 2019 - Been a great summer but now Gym work ready for skiing again
..... and now it’s June 2020 - what a year of turmoil
..... and now it's October 2021 - recovery and hope ahead. #GravelsTheWay
......and now it's January 2022 - I love the Alps & Retirements